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Welcome to Brighten Well-Being Centre.

This is an opportunity for us to accompany you on your journey and support you, whilst ensuring that you feel safe and able to explore your feelings in an honest, trusting and secure environment. 


Life can bring problems from all directions. They can be physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological and somehow, we want to find a way forward.


People choose to come for Counselling because they feel that the time is right to try and work through unresolved issues. It may be that they choose to visit a Counsellor to help achieve a sense of relief and an understanding of finding a way forward.

Sometimes people are not really sure why they come to counselling but they want to talk about and understand the direction their future could take.


The team and I are based at our comfortable and purpose-built practice in Stoford Yeovil, covering the locality and the surrounding areas.

What We Offer

  • Face To Face Counselling

  • Telephone Counselling

  • Online (Confidential) via Web-Based App

  • Home Counselling

  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

  • Nature Assisted Psychotherapy

  • Global plus online counselling and coaching – the online counsellor and coaching support will be provided by email and video link so that you can access help wherever you are in the world.

Therapy Session

Using appropriate individual therapies aimed at your own personal needs we provide support with:

  • Couples counselling

  • Adult Counselling

  • Children and adolescents

  • Family therapy.

  • Life Coaching

Take A Tour Of Our Practice

If you are interested in what we offer and would like to meet the team, please take some time to read their profiles. This will help you decide the right counsellor for you or if you prefer you can contact me directly for an initial free phone consultation to discuss your requirements and ask any questions that you may have.

Blue Skies

Meet The Team

Sandra Fraser.jpg

Sandra Fraser

My name is Sandra Fraser and I have lived in Somerset for 30 years after locating from Brighton in Sussex.

Living in Somerset has allowed me to live and work alongside the many walks of life in the city and the countryside gaining a wide knowledge of many diverse emotional situations and issues that arise in our daily lives.


My journey has led me to open up my own private practice in Somerset allowing me to continue the work of which I am so passionate. 

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